Stunning Italian EDM artists Ckrono and Leonard P co-produced “I’ve Been in It” for Canadian artist FRASE, showcasing an all-Italian style galore biking around beautiful Florence.

FRASE is a soul slanging singer, multi instrumentalist & beat maker from Montreal, Canada. Armed with a big bag of original tunes, mashups and remixes he pulls from the retro and pushes into the future. Blending sounds of golden era Hip-Hop, Neo -Soul, Dub reggae and Blues with modern dance floor flavors of Trap, Garage, and House.  Performing feature sets in Clubs, Festivals, Lofts, Cafes & Supporting such acts as: Dub FX, Bonobo, Fat Boy Slim & Noisia.

Considered to be one of the first Italian Moombahton producers and one of the first to reach the modern trap sound in Italy, Ckrono [pronounced “ Crono”] is considered one of the pioneers of the international tropical bass sound. Ckrono is an Italian-Japanese music producer and DJ who released on some of the hottest labels like Buraka Som Sistema’s Enchufada , Fania and Voodoo Rebel among others. Ckrono will be part of the upcoming Redbull Culture  Clash coming up next June in Milan

Numa Crew is a collective of DJs, producers and one mc, pioneers of the Italian Dubstep scene and one of the landmarks of the national independent music scene. Their musical research focuses on bass music, with influences that range from dub & reggae to hip hop and UK underground music. Their music is supported on radio networks such as BBC Radio 1,Capital Xtra, Rinse FM, Kool FM, RaiRadio2 and they have been broadcasting live on SubFM for three years, sharing a radio show with their friend and collaborator DJ Foster.

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