Ghali is by all means the new flavor in the Italian Trap game.
Ghali is not new to the rap scene. He proved his skills while featuring on several music projects before deciding to go solo. Doing so, he  managed to bring to the game an all blend of street attitude: true to the heart verses spit over production by producer Charlie Charles, gorgeous and lively music videos  where he sports a fist full of impeccable flashy outfits from top-notch fashion designers.

Happy Days is Ghali‘s third single out his new album, that is about to be released on Sto Records. As usual, he give a fresh spin to the recurrent topics of everyday life struggles to put his name on the  map of Italian music scene, his northern African roots and the difficulties to fit in when growing up and going large on the showbiz.

Ghali’s urban heritage is visually brought to life through his crew, paying homage to the street by riding on their BMXs.

Listen to Happy Days and support Ghali on his Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. The guy’s social media game is pretty witty and you are most likely to have fun while checking it out.

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