Simone Barracco is the first Italian ever Athlete to win a medal for BMX Street at the 2017 Summer X-Games. Chapeau!

Class 1991 Simone Barraco jumped on the third step of the X-Games Summer Session podium in Minneapolis, right behind American riders Garrett Reynolds and Devon Smillie. Simone’s style is a well balanced blend of creativity and as technicality that stroke for its maturity, despite the rider’s young age. Barracco was not a new comer in the world of X-Games. In fact he always cored a respectable fifth place on all the 2012-2014 editions.

When hitting the US Bank Stadium on the first day here’s what he declared to ” It’s an honor being invited here. I  visited the park: it seems quite fun with many options. Hope to be able to close something outstanding.”
well he did it.

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