Justina Tasik’s personal interpretation of the Tour de France feature a girl on one of most iconic classic races of road cycling.
Justina Tasik is a Polish illustrator based in Montreal. A creative artist with an outstanding client list including McDonalds
Sony, The New York Times, New Republic, Harvard Business Review among the others, her works were featured inWomen Who Draw, llustration Age, Ape on the Moon, Hey There, BLDGWLF, The Plus Paper, PAGE.   Her illustrations are so vivid, dynamic tìyet dreamy that could be defined as futurism with a dreamy twist.

Here’s how Justina describe the inspiration between “Tour de France Impressions” artwork set
“I find watching Tour de France utterly relaxing and soothing. With its silence, determination and beautiful landscapes it calms my mind and creates this ‘summer afternoon nap’ kind of vibe I really digg.”

A story of  mixing  women empowering  discourse and comic-styled narrative, the table shows a girl taking part to the Tour de France and winning it, just before crashing right after the finish line.

For more of Justina Tasik’s art just check her Dribble and Instagram.

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