This weekend calls for a throwback from 1998 by NY-based act Fun Lovin’ Criminals.

“Barry White, saved my life 
and if Barry White, saved your life 

Or got you back with your ex-wife 
Sing Barry White, Barry White It’s alright.”

Fun Lovin’ Criminals are a band from New York City. Their musical style is eclectic, covering styles such as hip hop, rock, blues, jazz, R&B, punk, and funk. They are best known for their hit “Scooby Snacks”, which features samples from films by Quentin Tarantino, and the song “Love Unlimited”, which recalls Barry White’s backing vocal group as tributing the legendary soul singer . Their songs often focus on life in New York City, as well as urban life in general. Their lyrics can be gritty or existentialist in nature, touching on topics such as organized crime and urban violence, but they are just as often humorous or satirical.

Fun Loving Criminals’s videos are equally serenading life in the Big Apple. “Love Unilimited” music video shows the trio stunting in the streets of NY on their BMX,  basically the standard way of transportation in the city. Yo!

The band is still active nowadays. make sure to check them on Facebook.


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