De Wallen joins forces with Milan hard-core bike crew MB Crew for the new Fall Winter 2017 collection.


Street radicalism meets high-end fashion for the New Fall Winter 2017-18 collection. Shot by fashion film director Gianmarco Boccaccio for online platform  La Moda Channel, the video depict the crew riding the street of Milan. With this video De Wallen aims to celebrate the link with the hard-core bikers, the pinnacles of the commuter culture that serve as an inspiration to all the bikers in their own city showing the avant-garde bike-specific technologies developed by the Made in Italy luxury brand, like the eye catching W-RFLX reflective treatment,  with their set of mad BMX tricks.



De Wallen 1997 FW 17/18 Collection draws inspiration from 1980’s sci-fi movie and aims to investigate the deep relationship underpinning man and machine in a technology-driven world.

De Wallen describes the future as pictured by classic 20th Century cyber narrative, envisioning a technology-driven world where man became a super-man and his senses are amplified by his fusion with the machine. In this new civilization made of destroyed cities and nuclear destructions, biker become the central figure of a sustainable humanity that, thanks to the power hidden within their outfits, he can now live super exciting adventures without ever compromising his hero look.

Being true to the spirit within his DNA, De Wallen proposes a collection conceived to protect bikers during their continuous city transfers, thanks to innovative Nanosphere-powered treatments that in turn make garments waterproof, reflective, thermic and breathable.

This approach reinvest cycling icons for the life in the city such as the total reflective bomber combining visibility and safety to deliver a new style concept.

Featuring  MBCrew riders Federico Saoner, Diego Malchiodi, Irvin Ornellana, Alex Petrov.

Iconic pieces of the Fall Winter 17/18 collection are now available on our online shop.