Cycling Art Every Day is USA artist Michael Valenti’s  day by day report of Giro d’Italia.
This is a collection of all the artworks from Week 2 of the Giro as posted on Michael Valenti’s Instagram account.

Artworks from Cycing Art Every Day are available for sale on Michael Valenti’s website, so show some love and support!

Stage 5 @giroditalia Welcome to Messina! I never miss an opportunity to draw a god in a pink jersey!

@giroditalia Stage 6. “Tomorrow we go again”.

@giroditalia Very technical run in to Alberobello today! A great finish to a long day of racing.

@giroditalia Stage 8 – Molfetta-Peschici

@giroditalia @canyon_bikes@nairoquincoficial Flying up the Blockhaus. Stage 9 Giro!

@giroditalia @canyon_bikes@nairoquincoficial Flying up the Blockhaus. Stage 9 Giro!

@giroditalia Stage 10 “Dumoulin!” I love the graphic shapes of a good TT position.